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Jan, 21st, 2015, Los Gatos California               NEW EBOOKS, NON-FICTION

 Paul Gundotra’s New eBook Provides Roadmap to Avoiding Heart Attack

LOS GATOS, CALIFORNIA | LifeChangingMeida.Net | Jan. 21st, 2015

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Personal experiences and prudent advice make up the new roadmap to preventing heart attacks. How are we to deal with the number one killer of 21st Century America? After a massive heart attack 30 years ago, today Gundotra finds himself feeling and looking decades younger.

While perusing and achieving the American dream, Gundotra has been witness to the western world inching its way towards an epidemic of heart disease. America continues down this path of destruction despite the abundance of information and new drugs, why? Research has led Paul to realize that the real solution to this widespread problem lies in a balanced lifestyle, he has written 5 books,(published by Life Changing Media) on this subject.

In his 6th book, “Heart Attack Prevention”, he explains how to overcome challenges and be your own advocate for a heart healthy lifestyle. Using his case studies from his actual experiences as examples to motivate you to take charge of your own health. Gundotra promotes balance in four major areas in life, presenting finding from pioneers in the field to support his four pillars of Optimal Living.

About the author: Paul Gundotra is the author of several inspirational books that target readers from early teens, into parenting, onto middle age, and beyond. Each of his books seamlessly brings together practicality and simple eloquence to summarize his personal achievements and his tried and trusted smart tools for optimal living. Paul is a high-energy passionate man who rattles the cages of status quo, challenging us to look at life as a new global community. Paul’s style is as dynamic and captivating, as it is genuine and down-to-earth. He lives a simple, active, and vegan lifestyle in Los Gatos, California, is currently single and looking for that one special person in his life.

“Heart Attack Prevention” By Paul Gundotra
E-Book | Release Price $2.99 | ASIN: B00PJBF3XO
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